St. Teresa School has flourished in our community for over 90 years, built on a foundation of solidarity and a unifying vision: high-quality, affordable, Catholic education providing the building blocks for both citizens and saints. Many of us as community members and alumni understand the unique character of St. Teresa School and its mission, because we lived it at a foundational point in our lives. The goal of The THRIVE Initiative is to ensure that the same can be said for St. Teresa students for generations to come. WE need to look no further than our own community, specifically the closures of St. Mary and Sacred Heart Schools, to understand the challenges faced by Catholic Schools. Affordable tuition at St. Teresa has been ensured by unparalleled parish support for decades.  In recent years, however, remaining financially healthy has also required unprecedented annual tuition increases, posing a significant challenge for many school families. This is the backdrop for The THRIVE Initiative.


Published tuition rates are now set at the Diocese level, but we have a compelling desire to keep St. Teresa's affordable for current families by curtailing actual out-of-pocket tuition costs, especially for those families who need it most. To this end, Fr. Jamie Hottovy, Pastor of St. Teresa Catholic Church, is inviting you to join us in The THRIVE Initiative, a two pronged approach to build on the St. Teresa's School legacy, and ensure that legacy for the future.